Self Directed IRA Advantages

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Self Directed IRA Advantages

Like any retirement account, self-directed IRA has several advantages including built-in tax breaks on your assets’ earnings. Additionally, as with any IRA or retirement account, one benefit is the potential to grow your account balances in a tax-deferred manner.

Diversification is another possible benefit of a self-directed IRA. If you have some funds invested in the stock market, you might want to invest other funds in alternatives assets like real estate and undeveloped land. A self-directed IRA allows you the freedom and flexibility to invest in wide array of alternative assets such as single-family and multi-unit homes, apartment buildings, condominiums (leveraged or un-leveraged), improved or unimproved land, commercial property, and more.This setup could help protect you from potential losses during a market downturn.

With their tax deferred benefit, self-directed IRAs can be used to create a lasting legacy for your family, loved ones or charity and extend the potential benefits of self-directed IRAs beyond your own lifetime. As an self-directed IRA owner, you are able to elect one or multiple beneficiaries for your IRA. You can select your spouse, children, grandchildren, charities or whoever else you would like to inherit your account when you pass away.


The benefit to passive self-directed investing is not having to watch the stock market. Protect the value of your dollars with the ability to hedge against inflation.

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