Client Testimonials

“The information that Tim had given us and the story he had tells about why they were buying the properties, the ones we had invested in, why they were buying in that area. The timing and the market all of his research, his explanation of it made good sense to us.

What I really appreciated is that even though I’m really slow to get back to Tim, I’ll take too long, he never takes too long to get back to me. It seems like in moments, he gets back to me on whatever it is that I’m asking him and he doesn’t ever leave me in the dark.”

“When we got to looking at Beckstone, it literally was looking at the past history of things they have done and the information that Tim was able to provide that basically I’ll say prove the idea of how it works with the emerging markets.

Regardless of what the other markets do, the real estate is still going to be there. People still need buildings and places to live and teaming up with somebody that has the knowledge and expertise to make my money work is important to me.”

“I was just looking at different opportunities different ways to diversify the portfolio, pretty much everything from stocks and that type of thing to a ROTH to a traditional IRA and 401K perspective.

Just poking around and looking for opportunities and was able to find Beckstone and have been leveraging relationships and work though the process that way.”

“I had a defined benefits package that was terminating and I had to sort of look around at who can manage my IRA because I’m not yet retirement age and I can’t manage it myself.

When I got in touch with Beckstone Partners, they were very accommodating and they listened to me and they actually heard what I said about what I need to do, what my situation is and they tried to find the best investment for me. And so it’s the personal touch of knowing what I need, they listened basically and that’s how I ended up investing with them. “

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We're one of the nations largest bulk buyers of real estate giving us the opportunity to buy at prices individuals can't.

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Our properties have pre-screened, quality tenants in-place. This translates to immediate cash returns.

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We've secured Non-Recourse Financing on all of our inventory. That means you're qualified to buy today.

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We provide 24/7 property management and access to our custom software with full reporting on your investment.